I Respectfully Request your vote for 2020 Delegate to the GOP STATE Republican Party Convention!

jon anderson

Left to right

Peggy Anderson, Jon Anderson, & Granddaughter

Jon Anderson – Bio brief

  • Telecommunications Professional - 44 Years (retired 2015)

  • Vancouver, WA resident 1990 - present (Hazel Dell – Precinct 460, 49 LD, 3 US)

  • 30 YEAR Active member and usher at First Church of God - 78th St VANCOUVER, WA.

  • My experience includes: Currently Precinct Committee Officer for Precinct # 460, Currently serving as Treasurer for Legislative District 49, GOP Delegate to 2016 WA State Convention, and a volunteer in support of Conservative GOP Candidates – Locally, Statewide, and Nationally.

My Campaign Statement:

Greetings fellow WA State GOP Republicans, conservatives, and patriotic American citizens! Welcome to sunny downtown Washougal, Washington, USA (Virtually and online)! Thank you all for actively serving in this nation’s grass roots civic duties – government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our nation is at a critical crossroad like never before with this 2020 general election year! This election will likely determine the future direction, the long-term strength of our nation going forward, and ultimately the survival of our great Republic. Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives have been negatively impacted by the liberal socialistic progressive Democrat party lead by Speaker Pelosi & Chuck Schumer. Their failed policies and blatant violations of their oaths of office to ‘uphold and adhere to the US Constitution’ continue unabated. The obvious tyrannical partisan assault on our POTUS and our historical heritage of civil governance must be defeated. Our religious freedom in the public square has been ruled illegal through tyrannical misrepresentation in Olympia, Congress, and the Judiciary. To help chart a new national direction I am willing, able, and available to be your GOP constitutional, conservative, state delegate to the upcoming WA STATE GOP Party Convention July 25-27, 2020 in Everett, WA whether in person or virtually online.

When elected I promise to represent all my fellow citizens fairly and with integrity!

Lastly, please know that I share your vision for our return to a strong, vibrant, conservative, and constitutionally driven U.S.A. along with President Trump! MAGA-KAG!! Therefore, I ask for your vote! Through our continued prayers and our conservative actions may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!

Thank you! Jon Anderson

  • I have copies of this statement and Pocket US Constitutions for you upon request -please see me during a break.

Mail to:
PO Box 205
Vancouver, WA 98666