I am Ann Donnelly, long-time PCO for Precinct 225, in District 49. If elected, I am committed to attending the State Convention. I always consider attending the state convention very important, and when there, I try to make the experience productive for everyone. I try to promote courtesy and mutual respect. I have been active in the Republican Party for over 60 years, and here in Clark County for some 30 years. I served as County Chair in 1990-1992, and started a movement with many others to rebuild our party as a respected party that could attract a wide variety of good candidates. I have served as Volunteer chair for many statewide and local campaigns both successful and sadly unsuccessful. I always support our party’s candidate for President. In 2016 I was very disappointed to see Ted Cruz be defeated, but I supported and will always support President Trump for many reasons. I look forward to winning your vote for State Delegate

Mail to:
PO Box 205
Vancouver, WA 98666